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Bali is a place that has a natural wealth of incredible underwater, there are many dive sites in there with many types of coral and many species of fish such as padang bai, tulamben, menjangan island, and nusa penida. Bali is one a popular diving destination in Indonesia, other than that bali is also a popular tourist destination in the world known as the island of gods.

Bali offers many beautiful diving sites for beginners to advanced divers level. bali waters inhabited by a variety of marine life, from the scorpion fish, beautiful coral reef, mola sunfish, sharks, manta rays ... and etc. ..

bali dive sites
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1. TULAMBEN DIVE SITE - Tulamben is located on the northeast coast of Bali at the foot of Mount Gunung Agung (big mountain).

Highlights : Tulamben is mainly known for the US Liberty wreck that lies close to the shore.
Conditions : Current : none to moderate Visibility : 15-30 m Reef characteristics : wreck

2. AMED DIVE SITE - Amed Dive Sites are located on your left hand site when you facing the open sea. You'll take a 10 minutes "Jukung" ride to start your descent Dives Start from a slope and continue to the small wall

Highlights : Amed Dive Sites are easy and relaxing. You can dive offer a short " jukung" ride or just off the beach. The underwater life is so dense and the gentle current offers a great number of nutritients to its crowds of fish and soft and hard coral. It is ideal for underwater naturalist and underwater photographers. Great for all level of divers
Conditions : Black sand beach sloping into the water, coral reefs and a wall. As the outriggers are small, divers may Don / Off Scuba Equipment in the water.

3. PADANG BAI DIVE SITE - Padang Bai hideaway village and its white sandy beaches are reached by road only 45 mins from Sanur. Dive Centre & Dive Resort of Bali Diving Safarisis located on the northern beach front of Padang Bai harbour.

Highlights : A short boat ride will then take you to Padang Bai dive sites. Bright white sand and colorful corals are home to everything from the smallest reef fish to all manner of marine life; rays, cuttlefish, crocodile fish and frequent sharks & turtle sightings.
Conditions : Much more gentle & protected than the islands off the East coast, and for this reason the water of blue lagoon are much warmer.

4. NUSA PENIDA DIVE SITE - Nusa Penida dive site stretches along the north coast of Nusa Penida Island, East Bali

Highlights : With a strong current flow in the area, generally there are many Anthias around, sometimes big fishes like Giant Trevally, Sharks and if you are lucky, the Bali Sunfish ( Sunfish season Visibility is around 20m and more.
Conditions : Temperatures are usually 26 to 29C but may drop to around 20C, so please be prepared.

5. MENJANGAN ISLAND DIVE SITE - Menjangan Island dive site stretches along the North West Bali coast

Highlights : Dive range around 20 to 30m, mostly wall diving. The waters are clear and calm with a rich variety of fish and since there are seldom of much current, it also a good place for beginners
Conditions : With a good current flow in the area. Visibility is around 15m+, Temperatures are usually 26 to 29C but may drop to around 22C

6. PEMUTERAN DIVE SITE - Pemuteran dive site is located in front of the docking area of Taman Sari Resort

Highlights : Night dive at Pemuteran is very rewarding and definitely worth a visit. In fact, the well informed diver will prefer to do the night dive than the day dive.
Conditions : Slight to No currents and good visibility makes this an excellent place to dive

7. SANUR DIVE SITE - Sanur Dive Site stretches along the South East of Bali, with a light to mild current flow

Highlights : Sanur's dive sites are of 2 to 12 meters deep. Here you can see a stunning underwater environment, including table and trophy-shaped corals and sponges, with thousands of colorful schools of fish swimming around the reefs.
Conditions : Water temperatures are quite chilly, we had a bone-chilling 18° C on one of our dives, there is always a bit of surge but visibility is normally quite good.



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